Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Date With Grammie Pie

A few days ago, Marla and I went out on the town with her Grammie and cousin Torry. You may know Marla's Grammie as blog - Viv Out On A Whim. It wasn't until I met my mother in law that I really began discovering who I was. I really enjoy spending time with her, so off we went, babies in the backseat.
That sure would be my daughter sticking her tongue out at Little Torry!
They were so funny. One would start to laugh and it would bring the other to start laughing, and they couldn't stop! (Neither could me and my mom in law, Viv) We went to HomeGoods, Christmas Tree Shoppe, and Barnes and Noble. It was all we could fit in with the kiddos. We capped off the day with a little Panera's.
The way home pictures are probably my favorite. Nothing better than a konked out baby!
I'm not sure how they can fall asleep in those car seats, but they seemed pretty content. They have so much fun together. It makes me want to be their age so I could play with them sometimes, instead of being mommy!


  1. Great post dear daughter in law! love ya tons.. and love all those babies! Abby is adorable too. someday we'll have to drag jen and abby to the lake with us!

  2. Hi Tiffany! I adore your sweet Viv- Grammies Pie! And when she invited us all to your house, I just had to come. Your family is so sweet. I was very encouraged by the post you wrote about tiny Nathaniel. Yes, he is in the arms of Jesus. I know no other way to live than to love Jesus. It is a blessing to me to hear your love for Him. Have a wonderful week! These are some of the best days of your life, with sweet children to play wih.


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