Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Little Helper & I

Rob and I just picked up from little Lyndonville and moved closer to the city for his new job, so I've been trying to balance cooking, cleaning, child rearing, and making this townhouse to "fit" me. I really do love this new place. It's a million times better than our previous homes. I figure my living room needed to be the first space I made "homey" because I spend 80% of my time there with my daughter, Marlaina. You can't see her play area, but she has made this room her kind of "homey" too, believe me.
 Even in the city, we managed to find ourselves a little taste of country living. I'm surprised everyday that I don't have nostrils filled with the smell of cow manure. Marla and I played "water buckets" outside until I started noticing a few too many bees near us, so we went in. My husband is deathly allergic, and I don't feel like testing the bee-sting-waters with our little girl yet.
My latest undertaking, distressing our coffee tables. In the first picture, you can see it was one of those glossy wooden tables from Walmart. One of our friends had given it to us for free. So glad he did! I used a set a pliers and a screwdriver to "beat it up". Marlaina must've thought I was nuts pounding our table with daddy's tools! She's got crafting in her blood though, helping me sand and pledge!

 This is the dresser my husband and I recently painted and aged.
I am in love with it!
I'm not able to post as often as I'd like because we don't have internet at our place right now, but I'll get in the swing soon I'm sure.

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