Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hot As The Dickens!!

Well, you know it's bad when your a meesly 22 years old and have to grunt and moan just to get to a standing position! Our central air decided we didn't need her anymore two days ago, so my hubby went out and got us some fans. We're doing our best trying to stay cool, but poor Rob is working a lot of night shifts so he sleeps from 7am-about 4pm. It doesn't seem to bother him as much as it does me when I watch him sleeping in bed in the middle of the day in this heat. (You have to have windows open to circulate air, so I can't even make it dark for him) My poor hubadub... But he takes it with a grin and that's one of the reason I love him.
Lord knows I'm laying in a puddle at midnight when it's even somewhat cooler!

Marla is obsessed with the cows in our backyard. For the longest time she was convinced they were "doggies" and she would bark at them! The "doggies" are now recognized as cows to her, and she enjoys mooooo-ing at them way more than she ever liked barking. Probably because they respond back with a "MOO", right ? Haha!

You should hear my husband make fun of me as I run around chasing my daughter to catch a decent picture of her. I guess I understand his laughing, because both of my moms do the same thing as I do and we all laugh at eachother, understanding the frustrations of trying to "capture of toddler". Ha! Most of the time, I have to sit far off and have my camera on ZOOM so she doesn't see me trying to take a shot of her!
Ergh! Just like her father!
The picture above is of her playing, while I sat on the couch like hidden poparazzi.
(That word is spelled so funny! Yes, I had to look it up.)
Today marks grocery day. I dread grocery day when my husband is working nights because I have to be back home by 4 to give him the car, and shopping takes me sooo long! I'm so indecisive. "I want to save the money... But is this item good in off-brand? I guess I'll try it. No I won't..."
Another eye brow scrunching factor is my husband only eats certain things. I can't tell you when the last time I ate a green pepper or a pickle was. But today, that is all changing! I found this recipe for chicken salad stuffed green peppers and I must make it!
(I'll just serve up some cake that night to make up for the "nasty" peppers. Heehee)
I traveled 45 minutes to my mother's house so I could plop Marla with her while I venture to the store. So Marla will be happy to get a dunk in the pool. I think so will her Gramma who is a puddle from delivering mail all day..

SOOO before I leave I must tell you...
I was letting my sweet princess swim around in a cool water bath last night while I cleaned nearby. I look up into the tub from the floor and there it was...
She had pooped in the tub and was mashing it with her feet trying to get away from it.
Never ever a dull moment. Really, I mean ever!

Be blessed, everyone! Love & prayer!


  1. Hi Tiffany,
    What a cute pic of your babe and the cows. Hope you are able to cool off. Sounds like your day was way more exciting than mine.

    xo Danielle

  2. oh I love that black and white shot of marla pie!
    so cute! I dont know about you.. but Ive had enough of this heat!

  3. Just this evening we passed a truck loaded with a porta-potty...the company name on the porta-potty.....Floaters!.....really?....hugs Patti m

  4. I just found your blog through French Country Cottage. I've become your newest follower. I love finding new and upcoming blogs and I can't wait to follow your adventures. Stop by for a visit sometime or maybe link one of your posts to my Wednesday Fluster's Creative Muster Party.

    Hugs, Smiles and Blessings,
    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  5. I too am your newest follower.
    Place a blackout shade for that hubby of yours to sleep in cool darkness. It sounds like you have a man every women would love.

    As for that little one and the doggies out side and the mooing now instead of barking is so cute. Her tub mishap has happened to many moms and still funny each time.

    Thank you for your beautiful comment, thank you for following :)

    A blessed summer.



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