Monday, July 22, 2013

Whatta Weekend!

To start the weekend, my mom took Marla and Rob worked a night shift, so home alone I was, which I hate, but I decided to make the best of it. Crafting and food. Doesn't get too much better!
At the top of cuppycake toppers I made for my dad's wedding this weekend. I've got an order of almost 200 to do! I'll be sure to post the finished products. I think I'm going to make a bunting to go around the cup cake tiers out of these same little flags. If you aren't a fan of a lace and a distress pad, you probably won't enjoy my stuff :)
I made a stuffed crust bacon and asparagus pizza, which was awesome. No red sauce, just olive oil, garlic, and cheese.. Mmmm.
The bottom right is the little birdie I dolled up. He lives on our bathroom door now, so when you walk into the bathroom you are greeted with the words " You are just lovely!". 
Now, what folks like us call "romantic"...
This would be me and my handsome hubby. Those are big ole noise cancelers on his head. 
First we went to the junk yard in pursuit of a transmission for the truck Rob's building. On the right you can see him standing on top of a truck hood in a mess of poor torn up vehicles. It was my first time at a junk yard and besides an encounter with bees, we had a good time! We found this old '88 Ranger (third down on the right) and I decided I needed the tailgate. Now my hubby and I are going to make a bench out of her!
Last picture down is of the tractor pulls we went to. Are some of you confused right now ? 
A...tractor pull ?
This is a huge event here in the Orleans County. Lots of tractors and trucks get together to see who can pull the most weight the furthest. We double dated with a good friend of Rob's whose truck was actually pulling that day, which was neat because I've actually drove the truck myself.
 Please excuse my husband's hands... Ay yi yi.
On the way home I decided to do something I rarely ever do - IMPULSE BUY!
We stopped off at an antique shop where I spotted the cutest little wicker chair. Like, the kind of cute where you almost cry because you need it SO BAD!
So I did my first ever wheel and deal all by my little self. 
(My hubby usually does this for me).
The purchase ? The wicker chair, of course, an antique birdcage with it's own stand, and two adorable chippy white iron antique ice cream shoppe chairs. I'll show you the wicker chair, but I need to re-upholster the chairs and paint the bird cage and stand. 
Then I'll post before and afters.

She did not want to sit pretty for me, so this was the best we could get. Haha. 
She can be quite a stinker sometimes! I wish I could fit in that cute little chair!
We ran into this BBQ joint set up in a trailer on the side of the road and there was this little girl dancing in the road with a pig hat. She was adorable. So we had to stop - and the food ended up being really good! 
We got pulled pork sliders. Pulled pork is one of my favorites.
The next day we went to my dad's for food and some gun shooting.
Okay, I am so sorry that I sound like a complete red neck in this post! I'm really not this bad!! I swear!!!

I did shoot and believe it or not, I did hit the target. 
I know. I surprised myself! 
I like taking Marla over to my dad's because it's like reliving some of my best childhood memories - eating venison, shooting guns and the outdoors. Marlaina is obsessed with anything outdoors. She can't get enough of it. My dad's fiance gave her not one but two ice cream cups today while we were outside so she was truly in all her glory. 
My little best friend. She just cracks me up....
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as I did! Now for a busy week preparing lots of tent bunting and cupcakes for my dads wedding. I'm pretty excited to see some family I haven't seen in almost ten years!
Love & Prayer!!

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  1. you sure did fit a lot in while your mom had my princess girl! I sure do miss her and hope I get to spend some time with her this weekend... maybe sometime on sunday or monday. love all the pics.. you sure did marry a handsome guy! (Im just a little biased!)
    sweet dreams!


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